Braun, Apple, Lamy

The other day at work I was using my Apple AirPods and noticed that they looked nice beside my Lamy Safari fountain pen.

The fact that my Lamy Safari and Apple AirPods are the same color helps the two products look good together, but there are a few other similarities that I noticed:

  • Glossy finish
  • Dark rounded rectangles (ink window versus speaker design)
  • Metal accents

The more I thought about the Apple AirPods and Lamy Safari fountain pen, it reminded me of Braun design (back when Braun design was interesting). This isn’t too shocking as a lot of Apple’s designs have to be inspired by Braun (if they aren’t, I’d be shocked).

I flipped through my Braun: Fifty Years of Design and Innovation book and found a photo of electric shavers from the 1960s. I know it isn’t an exact match, but I feel there are some similarities between the Apple AirPods case and the Braun electric shavers.